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Riggots, Mannequin Death Squad, YOUYESYOU

£3.00 / On Sale

*please note all gig tickets are purely digital. please bring your confirmation of purchase on email for admission on the door

Riggots headline this shweet intimiate shindig, with new tracks aplenty, and their consistent smash it in your face performance brought every damn time .. to welcome Mannequin Death Squad all the way from Australia - Down Under ... oh yeah .. you see why we had to? - NOT ONLY THAT, they bring their unique and bouncy "Kinda maybe a two piece punk band singing pop songs?" that quite frankly - we had to hear live, after their "EAT HATE REGURGITATE" 2017 tour of Australia - that makes 2 powerful duos on the billing so far ... YOUYESYOU pack that final punch to the line up to really bust this wide open - much like they did the Sunday of ALT METAL FEST 2 - it is rumoured they may well have played an intro note to one of their songs to power their van to Manchester .... and in record time. Get down early for three seriously energetic & engaging bands \m/